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I’m so glad you came to join me in discovering new possibilities in your life. 

If you’re looking to…

          ~ Resolve past difficulties, wounds and traumas from childhood,  

          ~ Figure out current answers and a new direction in your life today,

          ~ Help manage and improve your relationships dramatically,

          ~ Uncover meaning in your everyday living, and

          ~ Create huge shifts and momentum in your career and life’s purpose,

You have come to the right spot!

Whether we work together directly, or you learn and practice through my lectures, books, and online tools, you will discover…

           Where you are,

                 Where you want to go,

                       and How to get there!

Dr. Marie Dezelic

Listen to Guided Meditations >>>

Dr. Marie Dezelic- Affirmations


Visualize and create the

changes you need,

to start...

 Living the Life You Want!


When seeking Happiness,

Meaning, Fulfillment, Enjoyment, Symptom Relief, Coping,

Trauma Recovery,

& Support.


For Improved Well-Being, Meaning In Life, & Motivation In Work

For Mental Health Clinicians, Healthcare Providers, Coaches, Business Leaders & Work Environments

Discover your 




Life-salient issues, as well as traumas, current stressors and discomforts, will be addressed and focused upon, to relieve suffering, and find comfort and meaning once more.



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