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Let me tell you a little bit about myself…

Born in Queens, New York to first generation immigrant parents, and being raised in both New York City and a small village on an island of Croatia, has shaped my colorful and expressive personality of opposites.  One of the largest, most cosmopolitan cities in the world, with the hustle and bustle of the movers and shakers on this planet, and quiet village life, with its quaint rocky, dirt roads overlooking the gentle energy of the magnificent blues of the Adriatic coast, fed my ability to adapt to different lifestyles and discover the uniqueness in all people and experiences.

Dr. Marie Dezelic

Having been given the ability to travel the world from a very young age, due to my father’s career in the airline industry, my desire to know and understand people from all walks of life was born.  It gave me a special perspective on understanding the idiosyncrasies of cultures, experiences, and language, and how this plays into our meaning constructs we develop throughout life.  Travel and culture is still an important part of my lifelong learning and essence.

I wrote my first short story in the 3rd grade…

that received an award for best chapter book, soon after completing classes for non-English speaking students.  This was the first seed planted in my garden of life with what would later become one of my passions.  My extensive worldwide travel offered me a glimpse of a vibrant world filed with stories untold.  Each of us has a story and an imprint we are creating, and each of us are writing the words on the pages of our book of life today, designing the path for the future we want to live.  How do you want your story to be told - what will it say?

About 2

My love of the arts, artistic expression, poetry and writing…


was infused with my own natural creative energy, which needed expression and a pathway.  Drama, travel, the study of languages, experimenting with art in many forms, and helping others became my hobbies.  This has fueled my work and my passions, whether in marketing and advertisement, my poetry, books, and lectures, my therapeutic or coaching style, or in my ability to create models of treatment in easy-to-use visual diagrams, taking complex concepts and drilling them down to the simple essentials for everyday living.  

About 3

Making a difference in the lives of others…

is one of my core mottos, and another passion that fills my spirit.  I love to give back in ways of volunteering through various organizations, especially for the homeless, mentally ill populations, and children, or even with offering you free tools and strategies here on this site.  I give to you, you give to others, and we are connected through a worldwide web of giving energy.  When we give, we transcend our own humanness to connect on a much greater and grander level.  This is my way of showing gratitude and appreciation for life!

About 4

My passion for learning, teaching and connecting…

empowers my model of “Connect-Create-Convey” – “Connect” with our own essence and uniqueness, and to what and who inspires us, to ignite our inner spring and flow of “Creativity,” and “Convey” it to the world through our unique talents and gifts.  With a background in Business Marketing, as well as Human Resources, a multi-cultural upbringing and sensitivity, and several Psychology degrees and Coaching certifications, in my private practice, workshops, and books, I offer a multitude of pathways to discover your essence and talents, express your unique creativity, flourish and have exponential growth in your work environments, and live passionate and meaningful lives.  The free handouts that I provide on this site, as well as the models in my books, give you a starting to place to discover aspects about your unique self, relationships, and business strategies for meaning, purpose, and success!

About 5

My worldwide practice…

is where we begin.  Having an office in Miami, Florida in the heart of historic Coral Gables, allows for easy access from locations all over the world.  Through concierge services, you have the ability to have coaching, therapeutic, or consultation sessions in private, off-site locations throughout the world, tailored for you, your family, or business’ needs, as well as uniquely designed workshops and lectures suited for your group’s themes on a multitude of relevant topics.  If our paths do not cross personally, you can always be connected with me through my books and online lectures, and in this site to see what new idea I’m working on.

About 6

Looking forward to a great relationship…

and designing a future and path that you are excited to live!  Every moment has a unique opportunity within it to transform our lives for the better.  Meaning, purpose, passion, hope, healing, love, happiness, growth, success, precision, decision, connection, collaboration, transformation… are always available to us.


Journey as far as your imagination and your determination will take you!



             Happy to have you here…

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