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For Relaxation, Comfort, Strength, & Wellness

Guided Meditations & Positive Affirmations help us to reconnect with ourselves, access relaxed states of being,

and promote overall well-being and healing, as well as ignite our unique inspiration and meaningful living.


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Guided Meditations & Positive Affirmations

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to support your personal
Meditation & Affirmations practice

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By Dr. Marie Dezelic & Dr. Gabriel Ghanoum
with Foreword by Lexie Potamkin

5 Minute Prescription- Dezelic & Ghanoum.jpg

5 Minute Prescription offers the medicine (skills not pills!) and pathways to being fully present, with a Daily & Refill Prescription, leading to overall peace, balance, and well-being. Guided Meditations & Positive Affirmations are included to ignite your Health, Happiness, & Meaning in Life. Conceptual Pictographs for help and easy reminders on your Positive Living Path will guide you and remind you of what you are working on. Use this Personal Wellness Guide to create a sense of calm, personal empowerment, and connection to self and life, in just 5 Minutes per day!

Read & Practice now

By Chady Elias
with Foreword by Dr. Marie Dezelic

Confidence Affirmations Cover.png

Confidence Affirmations will propel your life forward with Confidence and Strength in just 30 days. The easy-to-follow format with Positive Affirmations and Guided Visualizations will help you live the life that you want, right now!

Read & Practice now

By Lexie Brockway Potamkin
with Foreword by Dr. Marie Dezelic

Know Yourself is a story-telling guide that will help you to understand and re-define your personal philosophy, learn how to meditate, or expand meditation, in order to develop a practice that will touch your soul, as well as how to change your view on life to invite more happiness, greater strength, and deeper compassion for yourself and others. Exercises and ideas are included for improving self-awareness, and unique tips for creating a wisdom tool kit you can call upon in daily life for every moment!

Guided Meditations & Positive Affirmations

can be used daily, weekly, or whatever timeframe works best for you. The more often you work on this practice in your life, the more you will experience the benefits of vitality, meaning, and excitement for life!


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