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"Express your uniqueness,and leave
a lasting imprint on the world." (M. Dezelic)



© 2009 by M. Dezelic & G. Ghanoum



We live in a speed-driven culture, always on the run, having too much to do and consequently feel overwhelmed.  Often, we do not want to disappoint people and we allow their responses to dictate our choices.  What social expectations are affecting your busy-ness?

How familiar are these phrases: “I’ve got to run!” “I’m too busy right now.” “I don’t have time for myself.”  If you cannot take at least 15 minutes of time daily for self-care without feeling guilty, everyone else in your life is going to suffer.  This is an important time for you to connect with yourself and God, putting the busy-ness of the day on hold!

Psychological and spiritual development require periods of solitude.  We fear being in a state of silence and solitude.  We run our kids in the same way we lead our lives.  The soccer practice, the music lesson, TV and homework- busy from the minute they get up until the minute they go to sleep.  They never have an opportunity to experience silence.  Their lives are a miniature model of our own.


We are responsible for our feelings of being overwhelmed because we have been doing too much.  We carry the belief that if something goes undone, everything will fall apart.  This is a myth and not true!  We need to prioritize what is really important and let go of the rest.  How much of what we do is the direct result of only pleasing the outside and not actually a priority?  When you practice daily moments of silence and meditation, you have time to slow down before you break-down.  The problem is not the amount of things you have in your life, it is how you deal with them and yourself in the process.  It is the fear of making some space to have time to relate to yourself.


It is indeed difficult to get off the wheel of busy-ness, because it is what we have known for so long and what we are used to.  Take a “time-out” to alleviate that busy-ness that has caused stress, worry, and hurry.  

Begin to create some space of silence and stillness in your daily life.  You can ritualize and repeat any calming phrase that feels comfortable to you, while practicing breathing calmly.  This will contribute in improving your quality of life.  We have let busy-ness come in the way of the essential, the necessary time to connect with ourselves and those we love.


See how you can restructure your life!  What can you say “no” to!  When you choose the pace of your life, you will begin to appreciate the moments and experience a real sense of energy and FULL-fillment! 

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