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"Take the power of change into your own hands, and be the

difference you want to see in your life today." (M. Dezelic)



© 2014, By Marie Dezelic and Gabriel Ghanoum

Dr. Marie Dezelic

Connect—Create—Convey: Living Life with Meaning and Purpose

M. Dezelic, PhD, Diplomate in Logotherapy © 2014


Connect, Create, and Convey: Living Life with Meaning and Purpose is a handout based on topics in Logotherapy & Existential Analysis, a Meaning-Centered Therapy, that can be used with clients to help assist and inspire them in ways of experiencing meaning and purpose in life.  It can be individualized to: (1) their support network whom can promote positive growth or figures from the past or present who offer motivation and support; (2) their particular resources, strengths, and talents or new areas of interests that they can begin to cultivate; and finally, (3) to particular pathways that they can bring their creative selves to the world in their own unique fashion.



~With others who inspire you, motivate you, lift you up, support you, whom you can help, and give of yourself to.

~You can connect with great thinkers, writers, actors, people you look up to, role models (from the past or present).

~You can connect with nature, the arts, culture.



~Access your inner strengths and resources, discovering your natural talents and gifts, and possibilities to bring your uniqueness to the world.

~Be in your life creatively; examine how you bring your unique creativity to tasks, to projects, to your work, to your hobbies, to all of your relationships.



~Teach it, give it, bring it, write it, play it, paint it, say it, sing it, dance it, offer your unique creativity in your work, hobbies, causes you serve, and in all of your relationships.

~Convey to the world who you are and live your greater purpose with passion and meaning.


Express and give in whatever way you can to humanity, thereby experiencing self-transcendence. Do not keep it inside where no one else can experience your unique gifts and talents. This giving out creates meaning, and is a part of experience with others; it can be the expression of one’s purpose or just of oneself, creating purpose and meaning in one’s life as a byproduct.


One person’s purpose may be to teach, another’s just to be an amazing friend, mother, father, partner, pillar in the community, etc.  One person may be an inventor or innovator of some sort, and another may be someone who brings communities together, or a good assistant to someone who does something significant, being a part of a greater team.  Each are equally important and powerfully connecting roles.


We create our lives, and we are also creative beings in simply our way of “being.”  We can connect with others, as we are biologically wired to do, and we can connect to life with our greater purpose.  We can choose to connect with people who bring meaning in our lives and inspire us; and we can convey our uniqueness, give it out, share with others in a multitude of ways, share our meaning, and also create personal meaning by sharing.


By connecting we create, by creating we convey, by conveying we connect and create…

By connecting, creating, and conveying we can experience purpose and meaning in life…

These Handouts are meant for Mind-Body-Spirit (bio-psycho-social-spiritual) awareness and self-help empowerment.  ENJOY!



No part of the material provided constitutes or replaces psychological and medical services.  In the event that you experience distress or unpleasant symptoms, seek professional help immediately.



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