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"Colors, emotions and imagery 

are the creators of your philosophy."

(M. Dezelic)




"Along the journey, all paths lead toward meaning and a meaningful existence."

"Acceptance is the art of 'being' with, not necessarily 'agreeing' with."



“Set Backs are Set Forwards:

(1) ‘Set Back’ occurs – (2) become ‘Stepping Stones’ – (3) allow us to re-set to ‘Stabilize’ – (4) to begin to ‘Step Forward’ – (5) to ‘Set Forward-Motion’ and growth.”

“When we give of ourselves to others in whatever capacities they may be, whether by offering a hand or a service, creating something new and original, inspiring others, teaching, talking, comforting, supporting, loving, befriending, giving..., we have an ability to fulfill our individual meaning and purpose, and experience self-transcendence in a full mind-body-spirit present sense.”



“To know life is to know death... To know peace is to know emotions... To know suffering is to know existence... To know living is to know thyself.” 



“Poetry is a unique gift.  It is a painting, a song, an emotion, a feeling, a thought, all wrapped in one.” 



“Listening and Presence:

Why do we have such a hard time listening... often because the noise and chatter in our heads are too loud.  Mindfulness and meditation allow us to become better listeners because we become more present to the act of listening.” 



Curiosity allows for self-reflection and inner attunement, as well as outer connection with others and our experiences, and attunement with these. The therapeutic process helps to create this curiosity, and an inner and outer attunement in the individual."



" 'Noetic Entanglement:'

A felt-sense inner knowing and communication with one another passing through 'spiritual time zones,' 'existential time,' and physical particles, made possible by the deep connective fabric of spiritual energy; where paths have been crossed, emotions have been shared, and cellular energies have entangled and commingled to create a collaborative communication process in our 'existential knowing.' "   ('Spiritual Time Zones'- Dr. Marie Dezelic; 'Existential Time'- Dr. Marie Dezelic & Dr. William Breitbart)



"Once we become fully conscious to our mortality, we can become fully conscious to our life, and therefore, responsible to fully living and creating this life of ours."



"Happiness is a state and way of being; we can "choose" our "attitude" at all times, which will reflect on our state of being- on our thoughts, feelings, and actions, on our mind, body, and spirit (essence), even in difficult situations.  How we choose to respond to life, becomes our responsibility to our own state and way of being in this existence." 



"One of the most significant considerations to take into account when dealing with trauma in all of its forms, and using trauma-informed therapies, is the cultural impact on the meaning of trauma and the language nuances (meanings and significances). Trauma is rooted in the 'perception' of what the individual perceives and decides as dangerous/harmful/hurtful/life-threatening to self or others in relation to self.  What one culture dictates and views as traumatizing may be experienced as and considered 'normal,' or without severe psychological consequences, on self-view for another culture.  When looking at the existential meaning within the trauma, we need to allow the individual to help the clinician understand their individual 'meaning constructions,' to see where there is a disintegration, breakdown, or block to adaptive functioning.  We should never assume we completely understand one's 'meaning within the traumatic event,' even when we have the same or similar cultural group, although we may need to assist the individual to put language to and discover their own meaning to the trauma; this will better inform which direction the trauma treatment should follow, as there are several different approaches that work for each individual's unique situation."



"Are you hating, blaming, crying, sacrificing, complaining, avoiding, judging, competing, speculating, settling, surviving, accommodating, satisfying, adjusting, adapting, thinking, hoping, believing, growing, analyzing, learning, understanding, choosing, changing, experiencing, flowing, loving, collaborating, connecting, creating, thriving, flourishing, transcending... Living life with meaning and purpose?  Take a moment to reflect on where you have been, where you are now, and where YOU want to go.  Make a choice to get there!"



"Human beings are magnificent storytellers, ultimate meaning-discoverers, passers of information through so many mediums across time. We are multidimensional beings of mind, body, and spirit--a unique force of energy--in a multidimensional world filled with multidimensional facets.  What life force comes to you, at you, (in the form of a circumstance, situation, problem) to make you move into yourself, to discover your inner intuitive unconscious--your inner dimension of knowing, creating, being?  Here is where you can learn how to come back to, to refocus to your primary world--the world of self, rather than the secondary world--the outside world of others; you can discover your inner resources, the colorful, magnificent talents and treasures that you thought you didn't have, or were missing, or have been wanting and waiting for.  When you look inward you will find an oasis of gifts unique to you, your own life force, to handle and transcend the life forces that comes at you."



"The Human Connection:

The gift of presence through Logotherapy's Noetic-spiritual encounter with palliative care and trauma patients, can offer support, healing, transformation and a meaningful experience to someone who's life is limited or has suffered a traumatic injury."



"Capture the meaning in each moment and fully experience it with all of your senses, so that when you come upon your last breaths, you have lived a life with no regrets."



"Although situations may cause suffering, our true internal experience of suffering is caused by our own interpretations of the situations and the attitude we choose to take in those difficult moments.  Attitude alone has the ability to change an unfortunate situation into something bearable and even meaningful." 



"The way we feel is not particularly based in reality, but in how we perceive things through our personal meaning constructs.  We can modify our 'attitude' when we begin to examine our meaning constructs." 



"Suffering gives us an opportunity to get in touch with our own existence and the existential pain experience, where pain can be manifested on many dimensions- emotional, psychological, physical, practical, and spiritual. Human beings often run away or avoid suffering and painful feelings.  But when we open up to suffering and pain, there are powerful lessons to be learned about ourselves and humanity.  An existential analysis on the meaning of the suffering in one's life, often reveals the meaning constructions one has built their life upon. Bringing this to conscious awareness allows for the modification of attitudes and in a deeper sense, alterations and modifications of the meaning constructions." 



"Success and failure are two sides to the same coin, or can be viewed as on the same continuum with each at opposite ends.  One does not experience a notion of failure without thinking that there is a success to be had, and conversely, one does not experience the notion of success without that action holding the possibility of failure.  What can change the way we experience success and failure is the meaning we attach to each aspect.  If failure is viewed as an end result, appraised as bad, and then possibly internalized as an aspect of oneself, then a negative experience will be had.  However, if one views failure as the lowest point of success, one more step toward success, and an experience of what will not work in attaining success, then failure takes on a new meaning.  It may be something that is not only difficult, but necessary in attaining true success.  With the greatest success stories, people always speak about how their failures are what made them successful!  Their failures helped them to visualize the success they were going to reach, and their failures were building blocks toward success.  We can learn to be proud of our failures as means toward our successes.  How can we help ourselves and our patients shift the meaning of failure into a success stepping stone?"

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