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"Express your uniqueness,and leave
a lasting imprint on the world." (M. Dezelic)


Is Your Light Dimmed By Your Emotions?

© 2010 by M. Dezelic & G. Ghanoum



There is a pure and untainted light that wants to shine bright within us.  It emanates from the very center of our being, from our soul, and what surrounds it, is our emotions.  Layers and layers of emotions have been building up around our light source.  If our emotions are healthy, towards goodness, loving kindness to self and others, humility, forgiveness, generosity, positivity, then they are light and permeable; and our light shines through them and out to others, shedding light on them and our body is well.


If our emotions are heavy and thick, full of anger, bitterness, jealousy, negativity, then they are dark and opaque; and our light, although wanting to shine through, gets trapped behind these walls of emotions and our body suffers many illnesses.


When we talk about vision, we talk about an outward point beyond us, something to reach towards and look forward to, opening doors and removing obstacles.  So we need to look at how we are looking towards that "something."  Is it through the light and positive emotions, or is it through shadows and negative emotions?  Through which lens you are looking will determine if your vision is healthy and stable, or unhealthy and only wanting to impress others or to compensate for a lacking.


It is healthy to have a vision, goals, plans for the future, and desires.  However, to be healthy, these goals and vision must be balanced.  How many people become workaholics, stress-aholics or addicted to stress, or have other addictions.  When you focus on success, money, what you don't have, what you haven't accomplished, etc., you start to encounter negative emotions such as worry, fear, and stress.  These negative emotions have a dimming effect on your light; as a result, other things in your life will suffer from what is called the “toxic success syndrome!”


Ask yourself an honest question: “Would the person who knows me best say I am a true joy to live with every day?”  If you answered a sincere and honest “yes” to the question, chances are your success and how you are seeking it are healthy for you and your family.  If you scoffed at the possibility that you are someone withwhom it is a treasure to live with, work, and love; could not think of someone who knows the real you; or your mind was too distracted with thoughts about being on time for your tee time for golfing after this morning’s meeting to be bothered by such a question, you and those with whom you live with may be victims of toxic success.


If you look at the root cause, it lies within your vision, and your vision being blurred by unhealthy emotions.  When you wear eyeglasses or sunglasses and the lenses are foggy, you take the time to clean it.  The same strategy must be done with your emotions, so that your vision can become clear again, and with purpose, meaning and joy! 


It is not enough to say, I dealt with that emotion, and I'm done, I'm cured of my "emotional cold."   You will end up with a perpetual sickness or sadness from your emotions.  You must seek out all of the past and even the current emotions that have caused your light to dim.  When you go to a gym, you don't go and just work out your right arm, or only your left calf muscle.  To be balanced, you work out all of your body parts and muscle groups.  The same goes for your emotions!  We have many emotions, on many levels, from many points in our life that have affected us in one way or another.  So we need to go to the “Emotional gym” and work out, to burn the excess calories of negative emotions and start creating strength in our light by acknowledging, accepting, and healing all of the emotions that have been affecting our vision to be clear.  Once you do this, your light will be able to shine through with the love that is within you! 

“We often get so caught up in the drama of our lives that we forget that we are the ones who created the drama in the first place.” (Matt Flikstein)

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