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THANKS FOR STOPPING BY!  If you’re NEW HERE, I am grateful for our new connection, and l look forward to long and meaningful relationship.

Meaning in Life                         

Living with Meaning

                    Meaningful Connections

Whether you are a Clinician, Coach, Creative, or amazing, Growth-Seeking Human Being…


And are interested in Meaning topics, discovering and activating Meaning in Life, improving your Resilience Factor and Emotional-Spiritual Intelligence (ESQ), optimizing your Leadership Skills and shared meaning in Relationships, and uncovering your Life’s Purpose…


This Website is your Meaning Depot.


There’s lots to discover around this site.  Take your time, as my purpose is to impart that Meaning is available to discover around every corner, and in every difficulty throughout life’s journey. 


Click around, and find free gifts and information throughout this site, as this is my way of Making a Difference in your life and Giving Back to humanity’s circle.  I hope to make a Meaning Imprint on you, as your connection does for me!


Available to you…




Our Shop



Brief Posts and Quotes

Conceptual Pictograph Handouts

PDF Handouts


Organizations to Make a Difference with

Links to Collaborative Experts, Colleagues, and their books and websites



Tailored Workshops


Looking forward to being a part of your Meaningful Journey in life and our New Relationship!



Welcome to Meaningful Living

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