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Chady Elias Artist & Author

Chady Elias, MA

International Visual Artist

Author & Speaker

University-level Educator

Master Iconographer

Master of Non-Derivative Works

Creativity Coach & Mentor



For Clients, Coaches & Clinicians

By Chady Elias


Foreword by Dr. Marie Dezelic

Powerful Confidence Affirmations to BOOST

Your Self-Esteem, Your Ability, Your Direction, and Your Determination!

Do it for 30 DAYS and start feeling the difference

in your being and your life immediately!


Foreword by Dr. Marie Dezelic...

Imagine what it would feel like to have Pure Confidence in yourself, in everything you do, in your daily encounters and interactions with others, and in all that you want and hope to achieve? While this might seem like an impossible goal, Chady Elias’ book, Confidence Affirmations: 30 Days to Achieve Pure Confidence, is an invaluable guide to inspire and improve Confidence. Pure Confidence is something you can achieve with Chady’s 30 days of a simple and profound practice.

Confidence is a state of being and knowing; that is, having a sense of security that comes with complete trust in our capabilities and abilities that are found within our core essence. This state of being and knowing is the firm foundation that allows us to be proactive participants in all aspects of our lives. Confidence gives us the courage to design, create, and manifest what we want to achieve. This ability to be courageous in the face of discomfort and fear results in the dynamic vitality that is needed to go forward in attracting and developing what we hope and wish to see and experience in our lives...


Chady's beautiful and unique ART

can be experienced on the covers of Dr. Marie's books...


Chady and Marie combined their love of colors and words together in a dynamic 3-Dimensional Art & Poetry book

Come on a visual journey with Chady and Marie to

experience the reality of your imagination...


Harmonious Presence

Artwork and Prayer Card

By Chady Elias,

Dr. Marie Dezelic & Dr. Gabriel Ghanoum

Original Artwork - Harmonious Presence

located in JFK Medical Center's

All Faith Chapel

5301 S Congress Ave. Atlantis, FL




Chady partnered with Dr. Gabriel Ghanoum, Dr. Marie Dezelic, and Ms. Katarina Bleichner to design and create the NOBA Logo. He is an active member in the NOBA Mission, assisting with community initiatives.

To learn more about the No One Buried Alone Mission & Compassion Services...


Chady Elias' Biography

Chady Elias is an established visual artist, university-level educator, author, master iconographer, and a creativity coach and mentor.

Chady holds a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts. His higher education degrees include philosophy, theology, sacred art, music, and life-business-artistic-spiritual coaching. He is fluent in English, French, Spanish and Arabic.

Chady is a master of non-derivative works. His artistic life started at a very tender age, and he presented his first visual arts exhibition at the age of twelve. Chady’s extensive body of work is featured in private and public collections around the world including France, Italy, Croatia, Lebanon, Mexico, Cyprus, Australia, Peru, Switzerland, and the United States.


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