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Oh, What It Is To Laugh

Oh, What It Is To Laugh

Without any rhyme or reason,

Nor effort or pleasing,

This delicate emotion arises from the core

Of my gentle spirit.

Discretely with subtlety, it climbs through the layers of

Hope, desperation, love, anguish, peace, anger,

Strength and weakness,

Guilt, shame, sympathy, empathy,

Exhilaration and inhibition.

It emerges brilliant and triumphant,

Glorious in its appearance.

My body welcomes the warmth, the sweetness,

Its agile way of purely being.

My heart thanks it incessantly for the simplistic joy,

Soothing away the painful scars from long ago.

My psyche remembers to mindfully capture

This precious moment in time, as if it were the last.

My soul knows no other.

The smile on my lips is offered delightfully

As if a tender gift from a child.

I naively transcend into its infinite amusement.

Please stay with me for a while.

Oh, What It Is To Laugh…

This Poem is by Dr. Marie Dezelic, From inside the book "What is Laughter?" By Rev. Lexie Brockway Potamkin, MS

Rev. Lexie Brockway Potamkin’s Books:

Author of 5 Book Set of What is… Series

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~ What is Love? Find it here:

~ What is Laughter? Find it here:

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Rev. Lexie Brockway Potamkin, MS

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