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For Health, Happiness, &

Meaning in Life

By Dr. Marie Dezelic &

Dr. Gabriel Ghanoum

Foreword by

Lexie Brockway Potamkin

Artwork & Cover Design by

Chady Elias



To Change Your Life!

This is your Personal Wellness Guidebook…

That outlines simple, yet powerful techniques and tools to use on a daily basis as your “Personal Wellness Plan Prescription.” Designed in the easy format of a Doctor’s Prescription, the book offers a 5 minute daily dose (for 3 times per day—Morning, Afternoon, and Evening), and refill (as needed) for overall well-being.



(Handout can be pulled out and placed on fridge,

or carried with you for the day;

or get your Virtual Handout for your cell phone)

The concepts and exercises in the “Personal Wellness Plan Prescription” originated and was developed from our combined decades of research and work in psychological and spiritual practices and teachings, as well as from our ongoing work with patients and clients at all levels of the spectrum whether it be dis-ease, chronic illness, and mental health difficulties, or searching and yearning for and achieving overall wellness, and deepening a sense of purpose and Meaning in Life. We have found that our 5 Minute Prescription plan works to create overall health, well-being, and meaningful living, and we want to share it with you.



At the end of each section in the book, there is an optional “Guided Meditation – Affirmations” exercise available for your practice. This exercise offers a format and words to follow that you can read or say out loud to solidify the practices that are provided with the Prescription.

This is an easy starting point for a mindfulness practice, and for your journey to overall wellness.

Your 5 Minute Prescription plan and

new outlook on life begins now.

We sincerely wish you an

abundance of Health, Happiness, and

Meaning in Life!


"Cappuccino Therapy"

"Cappuccino Therapy" is a Morning Mindfulness Exercise

included in your

Daily Personal Wellness Prescription

Begin experiencing your sense of peace and calm right away.


Chady Elias has published a 30-Day Affirmations book to improve your Confidence and Well-being that's a perfect complement to be used with Your 5 Minute Prescription.

Both the 5 Minute Prescription and Confidence Affirmations books can easily fit in your purse, briefcase, gym bag, or on your nightstand.


Praise for 5 Minute Prescription…

“Drs. Dezelic and Ghanoum's 5 MINUTE PRESCRIPTION - For Health, Happiness & Meaning in Life is the perfect prescription today to help each individual improve the quality of his or her life. These extremely thoughtful and highly trained professionals outline the ‘Personal Wellness Plan Prescription’ for each of us to, in their words, ‘find more health, vitality, and resilience,’ and ‘ultimately discover and re-discover Meaning in Life.’ The authors outline how devoting five minutes three times a day can lead to ‘healing the psychological and physical domains, and reignite hope and meaning.’ The use of quiet reflection, mindfulness and the expression of gratitude (“gratitude moments”) daily helps each of us to ‘replenish and recharge’ and lead a meaningful life. This expertly written book and superb graphics make this an invaluable resource for all.”

—Daniel M. Lichtstein, MD, MACP

Professor of Medicine

Regional Dean for Medical Education,

University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

“Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or burned out? The 5 Minute Prescription could be the best 5 minutes you spend today for your health and optimal functioning! The perfect and quick solution for busy individuals that feel bombarded by ever-increasing deadlines, stress and burnout with short and fun multi-sensory exercises. Included are meditations, not medications, that will help ground, recharge, and energize your mind, body and spirit so that you can tackle any obstacle that comes your way. All this and more, without side effects. Start your “Cappuccino Therapy” now!”

—Paul Rashid, MD


Medical Executive Director, NeuroBehavioral Hospitals

Author of Recovery Revolution: A Social Recovery

Blueprint for Optimal Mental Health

“As an internal medicine doctor and teacher of doctors-in-training, I often cross paths with individuals when they are looking for answers and cures to their physical, mental and emotional struggles. Modern medicine does have its place. However, what I find most often needed is the type of prescription Drs. Dezelic and Ghanoum offer in this book… guidance toward wellness and meaning, and away from disease and loneliness; a necessary contribution to the doctor’s toolbox.”

—Heather Wayland, MD

Internal Medicine, Attending Physician

Professor of Medicine, JFK Medical Center/

University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

Palm Beach Regional Graduate Medical Education Consortium

“After treating and listening to thousands of patients with blocked arteries of the heart and legs, and comparing their personal human experiences of suffering, there is deep meaning in the words ‘prevention, detection, and intervention.’ The most underrated and unnoticed source of inflammation, which is proven to be a major cause of cardiovascular events, is psychological and emotional stress. Statistically significant data continues to validate a mind, body, spirit approach to healing and wellness, which cultures have benefited from for thousands of years. With a western lifestyle on the run and a health-care system attempting to isolate and chase its diseases, we are in desperate need of a whole-care system such as bio-psycho-social models focused on wellness instead of illness.

The more awareness we have of these factors by turning down outside distortion and tuning in to our center, the better our perception of what our true self is attempting to communicate to us through the faculties of feeling, sensing, thinking, and intuition. Mindful self-regulation as a prescribed daily ritual is an intervention of empathy and a path to a better truth, way, and life. You will find this and so much more for your quest to wellness in the 5 Minute Prescription!”

—Paul Michael, MD, FSCAI

Interventional Cardiology, Cardiovascular Disease

Medical Director, Palm Beach Heart & Vascular

Medical Director, JFK Wound Mngt & Limb Preservation Center

"Save a Limb, Save a Life"

“The 5 Minute Prescription: For Health, Happiness, & Meaning in Life is a compact compendium of a variety of strategies for achieving the goals named in the title. Drs. Dezelic and Ghanoum leverage their broad range of expertise in Mindfulness, Meaning-Centered therapy, and other disciplines to give the reader, in the form of a Daily Prescription, a series of profoundly simple exercises that will help invigorate (in the morning), reflect (during mid-day), and relax (throughout the evening). Like with any medicine, the results may take some time, but they are sure to help you achieve meaning and purpose, while enhancing energy and well-being; just what the doctor ordered!”

—Faustino Gonzalez, MD, FACP, FAAHPM Internal Medicine, Hospice & Palliative Medicine

Chief Medical Officer, Trustbridge, Hospice – Palliative Care

To prescribe is literally to write before or in advance of. A self-help prescription, then, is a message from your here-and-now self to your future self - a memo of awakening and wellness. Written by two diplomates in Logotherapy, a form of Meaning-Centered therapy, this highly accessible and practical volume goes beyond the synthesis of meaning and mindfulness. The book - to my knowledge - is one of the very first psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) self-help resources, an invaluable wellness asset in these challenging pandemic times. 5 Minute Prescription by Drs. Dezelic and Ghanoum is a kind of PDR (Physicians' Desk Reference) for infusing a dose of ecstatic and reinvigorating lucidity into the diseasing doldrums of modern life.”

—Pavel Somov, PhD

Licensed Psychologist

International Author of 6th Battle of Acedia: Meaninglessness - a Mid-life Opportunity; Lotus Effect; Present Perfect; and several other titles

“In the 5 Minute Prescription, Dr. Marie Dezelic and Dr. Gabriel Ghanoum offer us a unique, practical and easy-to-use prescription for health, happiness, and meaning in life. You don't have to change your routine drastically to create a more fulfilled and meaningful life. Instead, start with the small, simple changes in your day offered in this book. We all can find five minutes during the day to use these powerful prescriptions in the morning, afternoon, and night, to start relieving our daily stress and improving our lives!”

—Chady Elias, MA

Artist & Creativity Coach

Author of Confidence Affirmations: 30 Days To Achieve Pure Confidence; and Elements of Harmony: Experiencing the Reality of Your Imagination

“While the book is a Wellness Guidebook, it includes the invitation to make it highly personal. It offers a framework for health, happiness, and meaning in life that can be enjoyed when its application is uniquely individual and authentic. Then the experience will be genuine and fulfilling. I particularly enjoyed the ‘Cappuccino Therapy,’ helping me set the tone for the day and reminding me to be ‘Grati-Lutious’ whenever I engaged any of my five senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, or touch.

The authors’ ability to take vast amounts of information and present it in creative ways to make it easily comprehensible to others is astounding. This is particularly true of the last part of the book, titled Meaning-Centered Handouts. These conceptual pictographs summarize the theory and therapy available through personal application of it. May other readers enjoy the work of Marie and Gabriel as much as I have.”

—Ann V. Graber, PhD

Professor of Pastoral Logotherapy,

Graduate Theological Foundation

Author of Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy: Meaning-Centered Counseling; and The Journey Home: Preparing for Life’s Ultimate Adventure


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