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  • Dr. Marie Dezelic

The Human Existence, The Human Struggle

Human beings are such interesting creatures. They spend their entire lives Trying to fulfill their own personal needs, From food and shelter, To the ultimate yearning For nurturing and genuine love. Each one needing their own home, Their own mate, their own offspring. They spend their entire lifetime trying to create a distinctive identity Which they can call completely their own, Attempting to carve out a special spot in the universe, Where only they exist and succeed above all others. These humans struggle to get along, and to figure each other out; Always fighting and manipulating to get their way, Yet often failing to stay true to their own desires and needs In grave distress of losing the other. And then they complain. Complain of the other, about the other, with the other, While the whole time needing one another.

The life of the human is an interesting one; Holding a mysterious role in the ever-evolving animal kingdom, Yet so completely different from every other fellow creature In their dichotomous inner battle. The human existence is one of utter loneliness, Faulty misunderstanding, and unequivocal fear. Yet the human struggle is quite the opposite. It is the bittersweet dance of finding a mate To fill that loneliness, Of trying to express oneself Just enough to be fully understood, And of creating that intricate partnership To feel fully protected against that unspoken fear. This quest has touched all, reaching its arms wide and far, And simply said, is a difficult one; Because the human being never has enough fulfillment In that lonely place where no other human can actually accompany him. He is never fully understood to the capacity he wants or imagines he can be. And he always has some small and incessant fear Driving the unconscious motives of his needs.

Yet the human always searches, And always finds another human Who is sharing a parallel but simultaneous experience; And somehow tries with great force and energetic excitement To merge his own existence with this other human, And likewise does the other. Now the existence becomes One of silent loneliness, But unified togetherness. One of confused misunderstanding, But absolute knowing. One of dreadful fear, But continuous safety. And this becomes the delicate web of- The human existence, the human struggle.

© 2012, Dr. Marie Dezelic

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