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  • Dr. Marie Dezelic

Core Existential Wounds: Identity Development

Core Relational Wounds:

Initital Impact on Self-Concept and Identity, Secondary Impact on Relational Development

“Core Wounds” occurring through developmental stages of growth, impact our self-concept and identity; while simultaneously impacting our attachment bonds, belief systems, understanding of the world, and our relation to the world and relationships as whole.

These core wounds, which lie at the epicenter of uncomfortable, overwhelming or traumatic experiences, influence “needs” throughout self-development and in bonding relationships. Although, they will never appear as simple as they are, often masked by requests, demands, upsets, approach or avoidance behaviors.

Utilizing an Existential, Meaning-Centered approach and Internal Family Systems theory, we can create a curiosity to examine our existence; validating our experience, nurturing and healing relational wounds that we carry, which have influenced our attachment styles and bonding as adults, to create a safer environment and more secure attachments in relationships as adults.


These Handouts are meant for Mind-Body-Spirit (bio-psycho-social-spiritual) awareness and self-help empowerment. ENJOY!

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