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  • Dr. Marie Dezelic

Meaning-Centered Therapy Manual

Logotherapy & Existential Analysis Brief Therapy Protocol

For Group & Individual Sessions

Book By Dr. Marie S. Dezelic (Author), Dr. Gabriel Ghanoum (Author), Dr. William Breitbart (Foreword), Dr. Ann-Marie Neale (Editor's Note), Lexie Brockway Potamkin (Epilogue), Artist, Chady Elias (Cover Design)

Discovering Meaning and Purpose in Life through Meaning-Centered Therapy, based on Viktor Frankl's Logotherapy & Existential Analysis.

IN COLOR 8-SESSION MANUAL & HANDBOOK. Downloadable Color and Black-n-White Conceptual Pictographs-Client Handouts available in Appendix, with purchase.

This transformative Meaning-Centered Therapy Manual: Logotherapy & Existential Analysis Brief Therapy Protocol for Group & Individual Sessions includes one-of-a-kind, colorful "Conceptual Pictographs"—Client Handouts that are to be used in an 8-session protocol for individual and group counseling across clinical, medical and spiritual settings. With its emphasis on a Mind-Body-Spirit Integrative Approach, the manual addresses Existential Exploration, Existential Crisis and Despair, Meaning in Life, as well as many other concerns of the Human Condition through Fostering the Discovery of Meaning and Purpose, and Inner Resources.

The 8-Session Protocol allows clinicians and facilitators to follow a manualized format to assist individuals in examining:

What areas of freedom exist within current life circumstances to activate and discover meaning in life?

How can meaning be uncovered with an ongoing discovery throughout life?

How can inner resources and strengths be used toward meaning and purpose in life, and in overcoming adversity?

What goals and possibilities were once mentioned, never completed, and could be reactivated?

What new possibilities can be discovered and become meaningful?

What meaningful tasks can be accomplished as part of a personal Legacy Project of one’s human existence?

Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy & Existential Analysis (LTEA) philosophy and therapeutic framework encourages individuals to:

Recognize strengths and weaknesses, and utilize both for personal and relational growth

Develop a greater personal understanding of the experiences within the human condition

Uncover and discover inner strengths and resources to live passionate, fulfilling and meaningful lives

Live authentically, heal from traumatic experiences, and have personal and relational transformation

This process facilitates accessing and discovering Meaning, and fulfilling one’s existential Responsibility to life through:

Self-Awareness, Self-Reflection, Self-Discovery, Self-Connection, Self-Acceptance, & Self-Transcendence.

PRAISE... Meaning-Centered Therapy Manual

“What is Logotherapy, and what relevance does it have for psychotherapy and everyday life? In this compact and yet surprisingly comprehensive manual, Dezelic and Ghanoum address this question in a manner that is at the same time elegantly theoretical and strikingly practical, translating abstract principles into "news you can use" as a meaning-oriented psychotherapist — or, for that matter, as a potential reader seeking to live more deeply and authentically.”

− Robert A. Neimeyer, PhD

“This is a timely, important and welcomed addition to the growing literature on the application and clinical practice of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis — a book which, no doubt, will be especially useful for practitioners in their everyday dealings with patients and clients across clinical settings. This manual and toolbox is a treasure-house of life-changing, comforting and activating methods for the helping professions.”

− Alexander Batthyany, PhD

“Marie Dezelic and Gabriel Ghanoum, with their 8-session Logotherapy protocol, have created the equivalent of the Cape Canaveral launching pad into the orbit of meaning — a manualized clinical path for breaking away from the gravity pull of circumstance and meaninglessness.”

− Pavel Somov, PhD

“Drs. Dezelic and Ghanoum alchemize biological inclinations, existential and spiritual concepts, within the realities of lives being lived in our personal-social worlds of vulnerabilities, exploration and potential for transformation."

− Matthew J. Loscalzo, LCSW


Meaning in Life: The Fabric of Our Existence

We grow through life collecting meaning nuggets: the joys, laughter, loving, heartaches, fears, tears, and connections. How can we look at this beautiful tapestry of our own unique lives and honor the great and the difficult, the joyous and the most desperate, to witness how we have evolved, become stronger, made choices and accomplished?

Meaning in Life is discovered along the way, and as a part of a whole. How often do we take time to reflect on our unique tapestry with awe and not judgment, with self-acceptance and self-compassion, while it's being weaved into its masterpiece of our lives?

Dr. Marie Dezelic

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