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  • Dr. Marie Dezelic, Artist Chady Elias

Harmonious Presence - Painting & Poem

Harmonious Presence - Poem, Dr Marie Dezelic - Painting Chady Elias

Unto you I am born.

Born to a culture, to a race, to a social class and traditions.

I am born to my family,

But you are my creator, my guidance, my protection.

You are my sun, my moon, my earth and my cosmos.

You are my universal understanding.

All has been decided,

Yet I have my entire existence to make a difference.

Today, I lift up my eyes to you,

And begin the journey sailing through time, through the climb,

Step by step, and row by row, learning as it unfolds.

Until one day, I am gently touched by your grace,

And now I know you once more.

Your illumination showers down on me, as it always has,

Yet now my light from within shines towards you.

Together, we paint the sky with our magnificent symphony of colors,

For all to see, feel and hear the exquisite joy all around us.

The tapestry of splendid creation lifts up my spirit

In a spectacular transcendence of pure serenity.

Your Harmonious Presence is all around me.

This warm, loving, tender energy becomes my healing instrument,

And gives me the strength to endure.

Wisdom, peace and tranquility embrace all those that are near and far

In this inspirational moment of spiritual acceptance.

We are all one in divine unity.

Harmonious Presence, Poem by Dr. Marie Dezelic © 2011

Harmonious Presence, Painting by Chady ELias © 2011 / See More About this Project

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