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Updated: Oct 18, 2022

“I AM – I CAN – I WILL” by Dr. Marie Dezelic & Dr. Gabriel Ghanoum

I AM - I CAN - I WILL, Affirmations & Conceptual Pictographs- Dezelic & Ghanoum
I AM - I CAN - I WILL, Affirmations & Conceptual Pictographs- Dezelic & Ghanoum

I Am A Miracle: Achieving Our True Potential

The visual Conceptual Pictograph, and positive affirmation, entitled “I AM - I CAN - I WILL” was designed for a program lecture series titled “I Am A Miracle: Achieving Our True Potential” (Dezelic & Ghanoum, 2016), helping us to become the Difference-Makers in our own lives.

This Pictograph can be used as a daily reminder for what we are working on: this week, this month, or this year. Use the positive statements as affirmations, and repeat them to yourself on a regular basis. Additionally, this Pictograph can be put in a place that is easy to see, to remind you of your continual work, work in progress, and your achievements and successes.


I Am: focuses on self-awareness, our true essence, our talents, gifts, and our positive roles, rather than on our limitations.

I Am… Say/write positive self-statements

I Can: focuses on self-discovery, building our confidence, empowering progress, growth and gratitude.

I Can… Say/write things that you want to and plan to achieve

I Will: focuses on self-determination, taking responsibility for our lives, engaging our willpower and well-being, and igniting our will toward meaning and meaningful action.

I Will… Say/write goals and plans that you plan to and will achieve

Viktor Frankl’s Meaning Triangle (of Logotherapy): Within the Difference-Maker Triad

(1) Attitude – (I Am and I Will)

(2) Experiences – (I Will and I Can)

(3) Creativity- (I Can and I Will)

Attitude, Experiences, and Creativity are the three pathways of discovering Meaning in Life. These three areas of Meaning are positively impacted when we focus on I Am, I Can, I Will.

What follows I AM, directs my beliefs; what follows I CAN, directs my abilities; what follows I WILL, directs my doing.

Next, begin to explore the Determination Do’s for self-discovery and self-direction. List out your personal information in each section.

Determination Do’s:

  • DETACH from Limiting Beliefs

  • DISCOVER My Potentials

  • DESIGN My Goals

  • DIRECT My Focus

  • DEDICATE Myself

  • DARE To Make Changes

Finally, focus on the Difference-Maker Triad and the Meaning Triangle, with attention to the Determination Do’s, to get creative and create new experiences, goals, plans, accomplishments, meaningful activities, and a new excitement and energy in your life. Use this Self-Affirmation Pictograph to keep yourself focused on positivity about yourself and giving yourself a positive direction toward your goals. Be the Difference-Maker in Your Life TODAY!

To find out more about the “I AM – I CAN – I WILL” Conceptual Pictograph, and other Affirmations, go to …

And Check out Confidence Affirmations: 30 Days to Achieve Pure Confidence

by Chady Elias,

with Foreword by Dr. Marie Dezelic

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