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This Pictograph is included in this book

Finding Meaning and Purpose in Life through Meaning-Centered Therapy.

This Meaning-Centered Therapy Workbook includes unique, one-of-a-kind, colorful "Conceptual Pictographs" which can be used in therapy sessions with individuals and in group counseling across clinical settings. The 23 Conceptual Pictographs, depict the progression of Viktor Frankl’s Meaning-Centered Logotherapy & Existential Analysis; these are followed by "Logotherapy in Action Applications" and "Logotherapist’s Toolkit Information," offering the clinician numerous hands-on techniques to assist in addressing Existential Crisis and Despair through Fostering Meaning and Purpose in patients within a Mind-Body-Spirit Integrated Approach. In addition to being a Meaning-Centered Logotherapy guide and workbook for clinicians, this handbook depicts Viktor Frankl’s Meaning-Centered Therapy in a comprehensive, applicable and understandable method through visual Conceptual Pictographs and highlighted exercises, explaining how to put the theory and therapy into practice.

Other Sample "Conceptual Pictograph"

included in the Workbook

23 "Conceptual Pictographs" to assist in transforming Existential Despair and Finding Meaning in Life


These Handouts are meant for Mind-Body-Spirit (bio-psycho-social-spiritual) awareness and self-help empowerment. ENJOY!

No part of the material provided constitutes or replaces psychological and medical services. In the event that you experience distress or unpleasant symptoms, seek professional help immediately.

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